wMar 4, 2004

long entry....but you love me!

So, school was kind of blah today. Sometimes it's so hard to make yourself get out of bed when you already know everything that's going to happen. The History test kind of sucked, but then she told 2nd hour that she was going to discount five of the questions (because they were worded....stupidly). But after she gave the scores back, I asked her if we were going to have anything as part of our grade other than tests and essays. And I didn't ask it because I feel like, ohmigosh I might get a B! Naturally, I'd rather get an A than a B, but I'm really not one of those people who cries over getting a B. I work really hard, and I give it my all, but if I get a B, then so what? There are much more important things to worry about, and a B is a very admirable score, I think. So, yeah.....Then the teacher gave us this huge lecture on how we shouldn't feel bad about getting B's - I don't! - I just wanted to know, because so far all we have in our grade is tests and DBQ essays. But, oh well. I like history - I'm learning a lot, and naturally I won't do as well as usual because the tests are much more difficult. I'm okay with that. I agree with some of my classmates, that it really ends up being quite rude when people who are getting A's freak out over one low score, or the possibility of getting a B - get over yourself. If you're really concerned about it, then at least have the consideration not to talk about it in front of your classmates, most of which are probably not doing as well as you are.

But, anyway.....the rest of the day was relatively uneventful. After school, I took Ryan to go see Father John so that he could show us how to do Liturgy of the Hours. Liturgy of the Hours is something I was introduced to when we were at St. Meinrad (a monastary in Indiana where I spent a week this past summer). Right before Lent, I went to the local Catholic store and purchased a cheaper version of Liturgy of the Hours, which is basically a tool that you can use for morning and evening prayer. It contains readings (from the Bible) that run on a four-week cycle, and have special ones for Holy Days and for Lent and whatever.....but yeah, it's basically readings and Psalms, Intercessions - kind of like Mass, only without Consecration and the Eucharist and everything. I bought the books because one of my Lent goals is to sit down and pray every day. Because I pray randomly throughout the day, which is fine, but I just want to make more of a conscious effort to put time aside for God. So, anyway, we talked to Father John. It's fun talking to Father John! He finds us amusing, and we find things to find amusement in as well, such as his book of blessings - I read the Exorcism Prayer, but he took it away from me because he said I was "getting too quiet." Heehee! Also, he now has a stuffed hare to accompany his stuffed armadillo. They get their own shelf in his bookcase. Haha, I love Father John! When I get out of college, maybe I'll go live wherever Father John's parish is, and go to church there! All the Youth Liturgy people could! That would be cool, ;D

So....then I came home. Watched a couple of the Bush ads on TV....I keep thinking more and more about who I'd rather vote for - Bush or Kerry. I really don't like either, but I feel compelled to vote. People died so I can vote, and I'm not going to make that meaningless just because I'm an indecisive pansy. I have quite a few months before November - plenty of time to make a decision. And I know most of you are probably shocked that I'm actually struggling with this decision. I'm shocked, too. But...I don't know. Like what I said yesterday about abortion - I feel passionately about that issue (and my feelings happen to coincide with Bush's), but I'm not going to vote based on one issue. I wish Edwards would have won, because then the decision would have been much easier. I'll have to get myself very informed, :P Anyway....It feels really nice to have that History test out of the way. Now I just have a Math quiz tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow I'm going to see The Passion with some Youth Liturgy whores, and then it's the weekend, and then only three and a half days of school! Woot. I'm a little concerned about work, though....They didn't put me on the schedule for this Saturday. I hope they're not firing me or anything - it would be really stupid if they did. The only reason I can think of is because I called in sick when my wisdom teeth were pulled out - called in sick for the first time since I was hired, which was July. I think that's legitimate, especially when I found out that I had a dry socket! So, yeah. Now I'm listening to cheesy Sailor Moon pop songs! Yay. This is a really long entry.....I guess I've just been really tense the last couple of days. Even though I've stopped caring about my grades, I still get stressed, I guess. Meh. Teh end!

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