wMar 12, 2004

hurrah for days off

Today has been a good day so far. I slept until 9:30, which is pretty late for me. Then I finished my journal for English (woot) - 41 pages, mofos! But that doesn't mean I'm done with the project (at all). Now I have to put my presentation together...which actually shouldn't be that bad, I just have to type out what I'm going to say and figure out how to do handouts and whatever. So, yeah. After I printed off my journal and 3-hole punched all the pages and put it in the binder, then I went to Subway with Lindsey. I almost forgot that I wasn't supposed to eat meat today! (because it's Lent, and I'm Catholic, and we abstain from meat on Fridays in Lent) But I remembered right before he was going to put the bacon in the microwave, so it was okay. Then, we journeyed to the downtown library. Lindsey had to look something up for her project, and I gathered a bunch of T.S. Eliot books so that I can scan in pictures to make a collage thinger for my visual....I also got some books with Civil War poetry, and a Neon Genesis Evangelion manga! Because I'm cool, ;D But all the anime's off the shelves because they have to repackage the DVDs or something....whores! Then we went to church to make two signs for the sheep for the youth mass tomorrow. Lindsey drew an ugly sheep! It's hilarious, though. It's like, a normal sheep body, but then the head is just a regular smiley face, with two dots for the eyes and a dot for a nose. And two little black things on the top for the ears. It's funny! Maybe the old people will laugh....that is....until we set the baptismal font on fire! Yes, that's right! Come to our youth mass tomorrow if you live near me, and you can watch me be Moses, and watch us set part of the church on fire ('cause it's the burning bush! and stuff). So, yiss. I'm going to go work on my English project now, until I go to school for free pizza and a night of pulling curtains (but for pay!). Woot. The end.
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