wMar 25, 2004

the future of MEH

So that interview thing with Jennifer was cool. It was mostly about careers and whatever, and then she asked what careers I thought would be interesting - just anything. So I said acting, and also being like, a politician. And then I told her about the Congressional Youth Leadership thing I'm going to in DC over the summer, and she said it sounded really cool. And the more we talked about politics, the more...interested I got. Because....I wouldn't want to be a politician myself. But it might be really cool to actually be a speech-writer. And I know Chad jokes about me writing speeches for him all the time, but that would be really cool. I love the feeling I get when I write a paper and just know it's really really good and I made my point. Maybe politics would be cool?! I don't know. I take Law next term in place of Mythology, so maybe that'll help me think about it. Because I really really like things like that International Summit, and debating stuff. Hmmm.....

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