wMar 19, 2004


So, today I woke up the same as any other day. Took a shower, got ready, trudged outside. Last night's slush was frozen, and it was foggy. I noticed Eric's car in the driveway, which was slightly odd as he usually leaves before me, but whatever. Drove to school, and thought to myself how foggy it must be because I couldn't even see the cars at the other side of the parking lot.....then I realized there weren't any cars anywhere because the parking lot was empty. Aghast, I drove home, and yes folks, there is a 2 hour delay today because the bus drivers are pansies. I didn't slide once! Not that I'm complaining, ;) This is awesome! I will waste time online and then maybe read a chapter for history (no, I'm not doing my math!). The end.

Current Music: Understatement - New Found Glory
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