wFeb 23, 2004

stupid teeth

So, I woke up this morning and went to school. As I got closer to school, I kept feeling worse and worse....I called my mom at the beginning of first hour and asked her to make an appointment for me for after school. 'Cause the hell if I'm going to miss any freaking school because of some stupid pain! Anyway. So all day, it felt like someone had put my jaw in a vice, and would randomly spin the handle! What fun! So, after a meeting and then piano lesson after school, my sister took me to the oral surgeon. He inserted water into the painful area with a syringe and then had me spit into a metallic basin, which I did. Then he took his sharp metal tool and felt the need to dig it into the area in pain. Then, he said, "You have a dry socket." And I thought, "Well what the hell, it's only been 4 days, I thought that didn't happen until a lot later." So then he gets this.....thing, and I open my mouth, and he puts it on the infected area, and.....I almost cried, that hurt so bad. He just did it, and I was like, glaring. And then the nurse lady goes, "So can you come back at the same time after school on Wednesday?" And I said, "Sure, 4:15?" And she says, "....It takes you half an hour to walk here from school?" And I said, "I'm sorry, I thought you said at the same time." And she just laughed at me. YES, LAUGH, YOU WHORE. So, now it doesn't hurt as much any more....I mean, it hurts, but not nearly as much as before. And, tonight I'm going to a meeting at the downtown library about the Patriot Act and civil liberties with Chad. It will be very interesting, I'm sure. Hehe. But now I'm going to go get some homework done so I can go! The end.
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