wFeb 17, 2004

one minute you're on top, next you're not, watch it drop, making your heart stop, just before you hit the floor

It really sucks that I can't even enjoy the fact that I finished my homework because I'm so tired. I know 10:30 isn't that late, but it is if you've been working on stuff since getting home from school. Ugh. I didn't even do any English tonight! Oh well. I really hope I'm not supposed to babysit Dylan and 'Mia while Olivia goes to her dance lesson tomorrow...not 'cause I don't want to be with the kids but just because I have a lot to do, and I also wanted to go to Taize Prayer at church. Not want to - I am going, dang it. There's always time for Jesus. I just have to get through one more day, and then a half day, and that's it. Well, and then I get my wisdom teeth pulled, which I'm sure will be an adventure, but I'm just trying not to think about it. I absolutely abhor simply getting my teeth cleaned.....ugh. Okay, done thinking about that. The other thing that sucks about the last couple of weeks is that.....well, the time spent at school is so....boring and dull. All of my classes are boring. And yet, when I get home, I'm doing homework all night. This doesn't make much sense to me. I think I'll just try to do more homework in class, :P I need more time to be creative, or otherwise I think I start feeling....bad. The only way I get to have outlet lately is through playing the piano, which is fine, but Jackie needs words. Beautimous, beautimous words. So anyway....Time to go lie in my bed, dream and somehow forget my dreams, wake up, and go to useless school for way too long....AGAIN. But I've made it through 3.5 years! I can waste another half a year of my life going! Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I would have taken up that offer I got in the mail to go to some college when I was a sophomore for "gifted students". Hahaha, gifted. 'Kay, done for real.

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