wFeb 18, 2004

The Intellectually Stimulating Class of College Credit English

Hm. I could describe all my classes at once (because that's obviously all that my life consists of!), but instead, I shall describe the class of College Credit English. You'd think that in a class with the name of College Credit English, we would do some high-caliber stuff. You'd be wrong. I mean, first semester was definitely college level (except for the fact that she catered due dates to our schedules (oh wait, EXCEPT MINE, because it's really COOL to have the fricking mid-term right in the middle of Musical week, and we can all watch Jackie cry!), which college professors will obviously do) stuff. Haha, I bet my parentheses confused you! Anyway....yeah, first semester was college crap. 14 grades, 9 or so papers....That's decent. This semester? It's. So. Stupid. And don't get me wrong, I love poetry. Hell, I write poetry, just go to my website (link's on the sidebar, yo) and read it! I like it. I like reading it. But we learn absolutely nothing. We were given a sheet with fifty-some terms the first day of class, and have yet to move past that. Yesterday, we looked at sonnets written in iambic pentameter. Today....we talked about iambic pentameter. See, to me, that doesn't make much sense. We analyze rhyme schemes. Today, we even wrote poetry. And even though we wrote the poems, read the poems out loud, and marked the stressed and unstressed syllables on the transparencies. Gosh. It took like, one day to understand everything we've done so far. And it wouldn't be so bad if we actually discussed what the poems meant, but that is only done occassionaly. Yeah. I don't know. But, enough about English. Don't worry, now that you have a good understanding of what English is like, maybe I can describe other classes! Actually, probably not. English is by far the worst, which is ironic, as it's my favorite subject.

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