wFeb 19, 2004

huzzah for half days

So, today was my history teacher's birthday. And people brought in cake and punch and puppy chow. But I couldn't eat any! Because you can't eat for 6 hours before getting your wisdom teeth out. And even though I ate a bowl of Cheerios before 7:00, I did not feel sick all day! So that's good. I feel kinda of hungry, but I just keep pretending I'm fasting, and then it's okay. Today we had a "binder check" on our poetry things for English. There's a section for personal response, where we read poetry by our poet and then analyze it. I quote the poetry in my section, and she had a sticky note that said "If it's over 3 lines, then block quote it!" and "Paragraphs?" in one section that was all about one poem. See, to me, that serves absolutely no purpose. We're not writing a paper, it's a JOURNAL. You're supposed to be worried about what you're saying. What it looks like doesn't matter at all. I also don't understand why we have to cite where we got the poems from in our journals. What, does she think we make the poetry up?? Whatever. But, I think I'm going to go play the piano and possibly do some math before I go to get these wisdom teeth of mine pulled....Yes, I'm scared like a little girl. I don't want a fricking IV in my arm....I hate thinking about stuff like that, but once I actually get there, I'll probably be really interested. I also really don't want to have any level of consciousness what-so-ever. I'm looking forward to possibly having cool drug-induced dreams, though. Hopefully I'll remember them! But anyway. The end....Look forward to a future post from Drugged-Up Jackie!
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