wFeb 25, 2004

Holla, blog-whores. After school I got the dressing on my dry socket ripped out and replaced. It was much more pleasant than the experience of getting them on the first time. Then I read a chapter for History, and then I went and held a crabby/tired 'Mia for an hour while Dylan watched "The Lion King." I almost cried when Mufasa died! When I was little, I never laughed or cried at movies or TV or anything, but now I cry at like, every Disney movie there is. I'm such a sap! Then I came home.....Discussed bringing the firepoker to college. Dad said "No!" I said, "What if someone tries to rape me?!" And Dad said, "What if I want to poke a fire?!" Thanks, Dad! You can poke a fire while I get raped! I tried to convince them to buy me some pepper spray, but Mom said that I can just take one of Dad's guns. Dad agreed. Ironically, I must now end this blog post because I am going to church. Haha!
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