wFeb 15, 2004


Did I sit home alone and do homework last night??? NO. I went to Barnes and Noble with Ryan! (you know him better in my blog comment system as 'OGRE') And I bought the second Kare Kano manga! And then we went to the movie theater and watched "Big Fish". It was a good movie. Then I came home and styaed up way too was the first day I could sleep in since I can't remember when, but I still woke up at 9:30. Oh well. I went to Julie's for a while and babysat and now I'm home....working on homework. Yayyyyyy homework. But it's English, so the 'yay' is genuine. Now Julie and the kids are over....."Cookie?! Cookie?! I wanna p'ay!"
scribbled mystickeeper at 4:18 PM

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