wFeb 29, 2004

the end

Click here to see how Tony Blair looks like Gollum! It's like that one time when people said Vladmir Putin looks like Dobby.

So I went shopping with my mom and my sister. I got lots of clothes. Last night I took a shower. And when I was done, I realized the bathroom floor was all wet. Apparently, when there's only one layer to the shower curtain, it goes inside the tub. HA. THEN I went to purchase chips to console myself of my stupidity. I left the door open so I could just let myself back in. I was all excited and happy because I could do something by myself. I would overcome that shower incident! Imagine my dismay when I went to open the door, and somehow closed it. I went, "ooohhhh!" And then giggled. Mom came to the door and said, "You better have an understanding roomate!" My sister called me an idiot. ;_; In other news, ROTK has been winning lots of awards! But I am trying to study for math. Yay, math test! (oh wait). These next two weeks are going to suck, becuause I have lots going on after school. But it's okay, because it's just school. TEH END.
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