wFeb 22, 2004


So today was spent doing homework and playing Final Fantasy VII. I guess somehow I fell asleep with my bed light on last night......I swore I turn it off, but Mom came in at some point and turned it off. I know I realized what she was doing, but I like, couldn't make myself open my eyes. Weird stuff. Anyway. As I went to bed around like, 11 last night, I woke up at like, 7:30 today! What the heck. Anyway, what did I do today? I went to church, I reread 5 chapters to study for History (although I don't actually know if any of it sunk in or not), and I just finished writing a sonnet for English. Decided I have a strong dislike for writing in formats. Oh, well. Youth Liturgy and New Life were fun...I don't know what I'm going to do next year when I don't have them every week. Church is the one thing that I'm going to miss absolutely everything about when I go away to college. But I won't think about that right now. Let's see, what else? The pain from my wisdom teeth is exceptionally harsh tonight. And I'm like, not coherent enough to blog. I guess I'll just write tomorrow. *falls asleep*

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