wFeb 11, 2004


I'm glad that I got a 78% on my first history test (although we get half the points back), and a solid....76% on my first math test. That's right. Go me. And the Valentine's Day issue of the paper came out today, which was just wonderful. Last week when the articles were due, I was about to go to Matt's funeral, so I just gave the advisor the article and asked if she could type it up for me. Usually I'm not like that, but obviously I was a little preoccupied last week. Somehow between her typing it up and the layout people messing around with it, words got misspelled, and one sentence just got cut off, so it makes no sense. I also didn't get around to checking anyone's articles (completely forgot), so the whole paper sucked.....more than usual, anyway. And you know, usually I'm a very responsible person, but.....oh well. At least this time, they didn't put my name on a crappy article that I didn't even write, which has happened in the past. But anyway, I'm going to finish my crappy Mythology assignment and then working on my math homework. This day had better get better!
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