wNov 3, 2002

Went to Confirmation since my second cousin was getting Confirmed (remember that I'm a generation older than everyone I go to school with. Yes, it's weird and confusing). The church parking lot and the inside of the church were both over-flowing, which like, never happens because our church is huge. Sat for a long time, and was pretty bored since the readings were the same as they were at yesterday's youth mass. Went to my second cousin's house and played with Dylan and Olivia....Dylan was crabby tonight, hehe. Ate good food, talked with relatives, and went to New Life. I would have gone to see Heather and Rikki in the One-Act Play, but New Life is singing at Jennifer's (my youth minister) wedding on Saturday, so I opted to go to practice, ^_~ Blargh, that's it. Nothing excited. I know, and but at least I'm sorry that I'm boring.

Music: Rejoice - Audio Adrenaline
Reading: Redwall - almost done!
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