wNov 1, 2002

*points at non-hardcore gamer and laughs*

Here's my response: *points at hardcore gamer who has no effing life and laughs because they think video games fill up their life*

Yeah. No, I don't play video games during all of my spare time. I would that that makes me a more well-rounded person, but hey, everyone has their own opinion. Yours is just wrong. And I never said I was a hardcore gamer.....Andy just always tells me x-box is better than Playstation and that's so not true. But thanks for trying to make fun of me anyway, ^_~ Pretty much all I've ever played is Final Fantasy and snippets of other RPGs, unless you count Bond games with Johnny and Jordan or whatever the hell Eric and Chad always play. Yeah. No, sorry, my life is not devoted to video games.

I did well on the math final, XD Handed in the Macbeth paper. We get them back on Wednesday....I'm scared. ;_; And you know, I've been seriously thinking lately about changing this blog address....I just have to figure out what I'm going to do, like if I'd still link to it from my website on every page or what. If I did move the blog, I'd tell everyone from WOFS where it would move to....I dunno. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but it irks me that when I want to come here and vent about something, I can't. This place is mine and my writing shouldn't be shaped by who chooses to read it. Maybe I'll just rewrite the discliamer at the top or something, I don't know. Nyeh.
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