wNov 15, 2002

The Mofoing Friday Five

1. Effing A, it's Friday finally. Whatcha drinkin, cause we all know you are a slobbering lush. I'm not drinking anything. I had some water earlier with two Sudafed.

2. Are ya gettin any this weekend? Who's the lucky person? No, I am not "getting any" I have never "gone anywhere", and I probably never will.

3 has been omitted because it makes no sense
4. What's the best movie you've ever seen? Moulin Rouge, Fellowship of the Ring

5. So what the eff are you doing this weekend? Tonight I'm eating dinner and then going to sit in the auditorium and watch the cast do the musical, whilst writing stage cues next to Miss E and Mr. Brayko. Coming home, doing nothing, going to be early because. Saturday I will get up and be at school at 9:00 am for an all day stage crew practice. Will get home at "?" and do whatever homework I have left. Will go to 5:00 church if I have the change, then come home and eventually go to bed. On Sunday I'll sleep as long as I possibly can...I'll go to youth liturgy if I can, but I probably won't because I have to get to school and set up for our rehearsal at 12:00. This will be the worst rehearsal, and during it and after it I will want to curl up and die while everyone around me thinks I'm calm, but really, the calmer I look, the more stress I'm under. I don't know. After this, I will go to a local supper club for the National Honor Society banquet, which will be rediculous and meaningless. Will come home, and finish up anything that needs to be finished. Will fall over and die before waking up at 6:00 in the fricking morning to come to school and die all over again. Doesn't that sound fun? I thought so.

The questions have been heavily edited because they're effed up this week.
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