wNov 2, 2002

I love Saturday mornings. Especially Saturday mornings where I can run to the library before our football game and stock up all kinds of goodness, including some Anne Perry book I'm reading for English, Neil Gaiman comic genius goodness, Neo-Genesis Evangelion (it'd better be good, I've heard a lot about it...) and other variousness including some book about Merlin.

Every time I go to the library, I run upstairs to the graphic novel section, but they never have the second comic in the Sandman series. This makes me mad. Some effer probably has it in his/her room lying on the floor, and it has probably been over-due for some time now. Yes. It's okay when my books are overdue and lying all around my room, but when I want a book, nobody better frigging have it!! Maybe I'll reread the first one or skip to the third one.....mothereff.
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