wNov 9, 2002

I got up at like, 7 this morning. My alarm didn't go off, but luckily Dad came in and woke me up. Drove to college, and we were kinda early...sat around for a while and then played my piece for the judge. I did alright, I guess...I wasn't competing, so it doesn't really matter. Came home and sat around for a while, and then went to school. The schedule I have says that musical people were running through act 1 from 9-11. Miss E had told me she would be at school all weekend, so I figured I could go whenever and go over stage crew cues with her. I figured right after practice would be a good time, as I could be sure she would be there. Well, I got to school and walked passed the two buses full of people going to the football game...the auditorium was unlocked, but dark (oh, good, maybe someone will come in and ruin the brand new sound system....). I went up to the music hallway, but the door was locked and the chorus room looked dark. Walked back to my car and felt stupid. Blargh. I really hope she's there tomorrow afternoon....ah, well. I think Mom's making noodle soup for lunch. Yum!
scribbled mystickeeper at 11:20 AM

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