wNov 8, 2002

Friday Five, Yo:

1. Did you vote in your last elections?
No, I'm not eighteen.

2. Do you know who your elected representatives are?Jim Doyle just got elected as governor....Scott McCallum was for a while because George Bush picked Tommy Thompson to be some office...thing...my dad used to sell drugs to Tommy Thompson. (my dad's a pharmacist, not a drug dealer, yo) And I know Mark Green and Phil Montgomery...I don't know what they are, but they represent me somehow. Wait, Mark Green is a congressman, right??And I know our village president. I had lunch with him one day, go me.

3. Have you ever contacted an elected representative? If so, what was it about? No...Well, Mark Green wrote Lindsay, Jennifer, and I letters when we won Interscholastic Battle of the Books. Actually, he probably didn't write it, but whatever. Oh, and I was like, 20 feet away from George Bush when he was running for president...our middle school jazz band played for him when he gave a speech at the elementary school.

4. Have you ever participated in a demonstration? Um, in the fifth grade, they made us have assigned seating, and I circulated a petition throughout my grade, but of course, was too lazy to take it to the principal. Neh.

5. Have you ever volunteered in an election? What was the result?

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