wNov 10, 2002

Dad: *storms out of computer room after being in it for half an hour and points in general direction of computer* If I find that computer intentionally left on by you one more time, you won't be able to use it for a week!!
Me: So it's alright for you to leave the computer on and signed on the internet, but I can't just leave it on?
Dad: *glares* When it's on the internet, I'm a room or two away, and going back and forth - in the middle of doing something!!
Me: No, you're not, you're lying there *points at lay-z-boy* asleep.
Dad: What don't you understand?! Don't leave the computer on!
Me: What I don't understand is why it's okay for you, but not for me.
Dad: Just for that, if you leave it on again, you won't be able to use it for two weeks!!

He's such a blithering git! Gosh! First of all, it doesn't do anything bad to the computer if you leave it on - it's better than turning it on ten times a day. I know a lot more about computers than he does. And it really doesn't make any sense for him to yell at me for leaving the computer on while being in my bedroom or something, yet I'll come home from and find he's left it signed on the internet for hours. Gosh. I can't wait until I can go live by myself. When I go to college, I am so getting a room all by myself. And nobody can come in unless I say they can. I'm so mad I can't even read my frigging book that I have to for English....*kills things* Why can't people just....be intelligent and kind? Honestly, how hard is it?
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