wNov 8, 2002

"Behind that innocent face is the power of satanic darkness," he said. "Harry Potter is the devil and he is destroying people," he preached.

Yes, Harry Potter is the antichrist himself.....oh, wait.

Today was frigging boring. I did poorly on my math quiz and got frustrated, but I finished my homework in class. Reina was sick again today....we 'practiced' our restaurant skits in front of the class, and then watched Spanish commercials from the 80's and then a Spanish soap opera for the rest of the class. It would have been more amusing if I hadn't been in such a bad mood. I wanted to write, but I hate working on my story or even writing on that tablet of paper in school....I always feel like somebody's reading over my shoulder. Yeah. In English we took notes on crap and watched parts of a bad, boring movie to 'get a feel' for what England was like during the Reformation. In band we watched a tape of last night's concert and then did nothing. I went in a back room and played my Baroque piece twice, and then read for the rest of the class. V. boring day, :P I want musical to come because cast-parties and stuff are fun, but I want the stress part of it to disappear. I still have to call people on that stupid list and get an effing crew. I'm thinking people will be home on Sunday, so I'll call then? Or maybe that's because I won't really have a chance to call people until Sunday...yeah, probably that.


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