wNov 4, 2002

Ah, I've never mentioned Scary Subway Man in here!! There's this guy who works at the Subway by my house....and he has long fingernails. But, yeah, one time I went in there, and he goes, "Where's you friend skinny blonde friend, Lindsey, who drives (Lindsey's car type and color)?!" And I was like, ".....Uhhh....not here?" And he gave her his cell phone number last time she came with me. Lindsey and I decided not to go to that Subway any more, but I decided to go by myself tonight because he doesn't stalk ME. Just her. I pretty much glared and smiled a lot at the other dude who was working, because he was rolling his eyes at Stalker Man whenever he had his back turned. Stupid mofo. Nobody stalks me because I'm the hottest girl alive, and they're afraid of rejection. But, really, it's okay. I understand. If I just keep waiting, one day, someone will stalk me, too.

Also, while a lot of the comments I've received lately just piss me off or make me wish my blog wasn't public (because of stupid people like *points at non-hardcore gamer and laughs*), comments like these make me smile:

you tell em jackie!!!! thats my whore!
scribbled mystickeeper at 6:30 PM

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