wOct 26, 2002

Did I mention my love for GlassShard? Mwah! That third-to-last panel is very amusing.

Gah, I'm going to kill homework!! I tried doing math homework this morning in the hobbit hole, but I'm going to have to take a trip to Lindsey's house so she can explain it to me. Yeah, that's the homework that was due on Wednesday. We also have a quiz on Monday. Right now I'm making a list of all this new vocab that we have to know (in addition to everything else) for the Spanish final (actually mid-term) on Wednesday. Also, for Monday, I have to write a letter about a trip somewhere that takes place on the beach, the mountains, and the camp grounds. I'm not sure if we have to use all the vocabulary or not, but I'm going to, just in case. Or a lot of it. And that new vocab that we never used in class, but had to use on our power points. I think I'll write about a trip to Utah to see Brianna, and we can go to California or something. Yeah. I have to finish my math project, too. And I want to make my outline for my Macbeth paper so that I don't freak out next week. And I have to fill out my forms and write my essay so that I can be in the National Honor Society. DIE, SCHOOL, DIE. I will be so glad once next week is over. Stress is an odd thing. I'm bored as hell without it, but with it...it's just so uncomfortable, I hate it. It's like psychologically burning alive. I dunno. Okay, I'm going to get some stuff done so that I don't feel so sdflhjsr;gja any more. ^_~
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